Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Touch Like Breathing"

Review - "Touch Like Breathing" by Theda Black

Complicated, frustrating, amazing

Highly Recommended

***This may contain spoilers for those who haven't read "After Anna" - be warned!***

When we first met Tyler and Will in "After Anna", the two men were dealing with the aftermath of the death of Will's girlfriend, Anna.  She had been addicted to drugs, cheating behind Will's back and Tyler found out.  Rather than deal with the problem, she overdosed, and Tyler was left feeling responsible for her death. 

Add into the mix Will's depression, Tyler's guilt over feeling he caused Anna's death, and the simmering sexual attraction he feels for his partner.  It all spills over and the two become lovers.  But it doesn't last, and the two have trouble finding the easy friendship they shared.

In "Touch Like Breathing", Tyler and Will are still partners on the police force, and work on a case involving the kidnapping of a young teenaged girl by her stepfather.  Will is close to being out of control, and the two are struggling to find a balance in their relationship after their failed romance.

The two start up again, and Tyler crosses a line within himself, and believes he hurt Will once again.

Did he?  And when Will disappears, will Tyler be able to find him before the unthinkable happens?

Theda Black had brought back two of my favorite characters - Will and Tyler - and shown us again how addictive the two are.  Will, with his broken heart, fear and self righteousness that make him so very brittle and edgy.  And Tyler, with his deep heart and tragic sense of responsibility and guilt that renders him so very heartbreaking.

The two together could either complete or destroy each other.  And mostly, it's a coin toss on any given day which way they will go.

But that's what draws me to these two men.  They are so very complicated and harsh and hurt each other, but are also so bonded by their love for one another, they can't let go.  They make love a struggle, neither knowing how to let their walls down and connect. 

When they do, though, this story flies.  And it takes me with it.  Ms. Black doesn't make this easy, and that's why I love it.  These two guys, they drive me crazy when they make each other crazy.  I want them to be happy, but I understand why it can't be a smooth sail. 

Good story.  Great ending. 

Fantastic job.


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  1. thanks for the wonderful review, Tom - you made my day! Especially for understanding Will so well. People relate to Tyler more, and I'm glad that they like him (I do too;), but you really GOT Will: "with his broken heart, fear and self righteousness that make him so very brittle and edgy."

    Love it, and so glad you enjoyed these guys:)