Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Dark Soul"

Review - "Dark Soul, Vol I -V" by Aleksandr Voinov

Fantastically dark and sexy novellas

Very Highly Recommended

As his Mafioso overlord lay dying, west coast boss Stefano Marino waits and wonders what his share of the old man’s territory will be. He waits his turn, hanging out with all the other bosses when Silvio Spadaro shows up to the vigil. Silvio is there in place of his “mentor” and lover Gianbattista Falchi, a respected retired Don. Although being gay usually means a death sentence among these men, Silvio is respected as a made man and as heir to Battista.

Over the course of five short novellas, we watch as Stefano, straight and happily married, falls under the spell of the intriguing and highly sexual young man. He catches Silvio in his guest quarters, which leads to a dangerous sexual encounter. After the two part, Silvio returns to Italy to be with Battista, while Stefano returns home to California.

There is a problem in his territory, however. The Russian mob is making a move to consolidate their power and force Stefano’s family out. Permanently. He has no choice but to approach Falchi for assistance. While in Italy, he observes the two lover’s violent love-making, exciting and dangerous as it may be.

Falchi offers to lend him Silvio to help him out. And dumps Silvio as a lover.

While taking action in spectacular fashion against the Russians, the two men play a hot and sexy seduction game. Silvio’s brother Franco, recently released from the French Foreign Legion, comes to visit and assist, and becomes part of the intrigue and romance.

But the final test of courage will come into play when an Assistant D.A. with a personal ax to grind wades into the equation. Where Russian mobsters and his own men failed to bring Stefano down, the law may find a way. Will Silvio and Stephano end up together? Or will their differing needs and futures keep them permanently separated?

Aleksandr Voinov, author of Scorpion and Dark Edge of Honor, has created perhaps his sharpest and most interesting characters here. Silvio and Stefano are edgy, dark and full of uncompromising heat and passion. The two simmer and bubble, then explode across the page in the most deliciously unexpected and wild ways.

This series is not for everyone, containing scenes of extremely rough sex and borderline dubious consent, as well as a little brother-on-brother action. But set that aside and savor the powerfully delivered storylines, characters that grab you by the throat and, surprisingly, by the heart, and action that is sublime.

I am a huge Voinov fan, and this series is him at his dark best. Bullets fly, plots abound, twists and turns take us on a fantastic joyride through the recesses of these men’s souls. The length of each novella had me hungry for more, and the finale was so satisfying, I felt like lighting up a good cigar, drinking two fingers of good scotch and closing my eyes and starting back at the beginning.

Subtle in some ways, in-your-face most of the time, but oh-so-very right. Just so damned good and truly not to be missed. This will have you scrambling to check out Mr. Voinov’s catalog of works. You won’t be disappointed. Just remember, it's not everyone’s cup of tea.

Thank God it’s mine!



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