Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Gravitational Attraction"

Review - "Gravitational Attraction" by Angel Martinez

Fantastic, innovative sci fi romance

Very Highly Recommended

The crew of the Hermes responds to a mysterious distress signal from a ship left drifting in space.  It appears to be empty, but upon closer inspection there seems to be one possible life sign - a survivor.  Isaac Ozawa, the ship's communication officer, and a team of others are sent to rescue whoever might be left alive and see if they can figure out what happened.

What Isaac finds is a bloody mess throughout the ship, and one lone man locked in a holding cell.  A giant of a man whom he coaxes out and into safety.  A man who turns out to be a Drak'tar warrior named Turk.

Isaac feels an immediate connection and attraction to the silent, traumatized man, and makes it his mission to provide comfort and solace.  Because Isaac knows about being different, broken, and not fitting in.  Once a promising pilot, his brain did not meld well with a high tech implant, and he was left with an untrustworthy body, his career gone.

As the crew takes Turk to his original destination, Turk has secrets of his own that may prove dangerous for his new found friends.  His own brain is valued by the military for it's potential, and he is committed, through his honor and word, to serve those who could cause harm to the man he now has fallen for - Isaac.

Will Turk be able to maintain the honor of his people and keep Isaac safe?  Are the secrets he holds enough to drive him and Isaac apart?  Can he keep his love safe?

Angel Martinez blew me the hell away with this inventive, beautifully crafted and well honed epic sci fi romance.  She has it all here - characters that leap off the page and demand attention, a story line that grabbed me from the first page, and a world that is finely detailed and designed.

Isaac is fantastic.  A hero with a huge heart who has somehow found his way back after being broken physically and emotionally.  His sense of self was so crushed with the failure of his dream to be a pilot, and then the slow loss of his relationship almost ruined him.  But the strength of the man, his character and soul came shining through.

And Turk is a revelation.  A warrior, quiet and strong with a huge sense of honor and commitment.  A man like him needs no one.  And yet.  He bonds so quickly with Isaac, allowing him to be the strength and support he needs, then returning it when Isaac is in need.  Such a gentle-hearted giant, and so sincere in his love and giving.

Ms. Martinez really astounded me with this book.  The whole of it spoke to me, shouting and demanding to be heard and enjoyed.  I could not put it down, and read late into the night to finish it and still wanted more.  The action, the romance, the sheer sense of adventure, fun and exhilaration had me remembering back to how I felt when I saw the first "Star Wars" movie in 1977.  Such innovation and excitement - it made my blood run hot and my heart beat faster.

Thanks for bringing that back to me, Ms. Martinez.  I love that "Holy Hell" feeling of amazement.

One of the best books of this year.  Any year.


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  1. Stunning review Tom and spot on as always!! I am in complete agreement with you as well.