Saturday, November 5, 2011

"The Zero Knot"

Review - "The Zero Know" by K.Z Snow

A beautifully crafted look at young love

Highly Recommended

"The scales will always tip in favor of what enriches your life. That's the thing you'll end up choosing."

Jess, a young man ready to start his college life away from his small hometown, friends with a group of young people who are "different" - sexually ambiguous, finds himself suddenly looking at one of his oldest friends in a totally new light.

Dylan, "Mig" to his buds, has been friends with Jess, has secrets of his own. He is gay, not bi, working as a welder, closeted, the only son of conservative parents, and looking for love not another one night stand.

As these two young men discover how love works, they will be tested in in ways boys their age should not be. From the first tentative kiss, to the realization that the hardest choice may be to trust each other and their hearts, Ms. Snow crafts an intelligent, beautifully written tale. Her prose is so well written, and her characterizations full and real.

"So Jess likely knew that books were often the best friends of shy boys who didn't quite fit in."

She gets it all right.

Such a good book. Read this one and SAVOR it!

Enthusiastically recommended.


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