Saturday, February 18, 2012

"The 51st Thursday"

Review - "The 51st Thursday" by Mercy Celeste

Hot, sexy, sweet

Highly Recommended

Deacon's Place has come to be something of a shelter for Shelby Bainbridge.  The damaged man limps into the bar one Thursday and finds...peace.  Well, as much peace as he can, given what happened.  So he comes in every Thursday, has a couple of beers and then heads home.

What he doesn't know is he's been noticed.  Deacon has seen this man and is intrigued.  Wonders about him, and what his story is.  The fact he's hot as hell - an added bonus.  So he's taken to watching out for him every Thursday.  

When a hurricane forces most of his regulars out on the 51st Thursday, Deacon doesn't know if Thursday, as he's come to call his hot man, will be in.  When he does, and can't find a taxi to take him home, Deacon makes his move.  And the attraction he feels for Thursday - Shelby - well, it's returned. 

But when they wake up the next morning, will anything have changed?  And will the secrets that are exposed pull them together, or apart?

Mercy Celeste outdid herself with this steamy, sexy, hot but surprisingly sweet story.  The sex is some of the hottest I've read, and as I got to know these two men, the romance some of the sweetest.  This is a short story, so there's not time to flesh out all the daily things that make a relationship.  Didn't matter to me - I enjoyed the hell out of this.

Because these two men are broken and vulnerable, and try hide it hide it behind their rugged exteriors.  But at their hearts, they are so very tender and wanting. 

And that's Ms. Celeste's wheelhouse - sexy hot men.  Strong.  Damaged.  Hiding.  Tender.  She takes all these things, does her magic and creates men who I want to know.  Want for my own.

Very, very nice.


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  1. How exactly do you pick up on the stuff I hide in my books?
    That's a talent.

    Thank you for the wonderful review. :-)