Monday, February 6, 2012

"Ty's Obsession"

Review - "Ty's Obsession" by SJD Peterson

They just keep getting better

Very Highly Recommended

"Wanting is a bitch, isn't it?"

Ty Callahan is furious.  After being used and abused by his last Dom, he thought he found someone who might want him.  Treasure him.  Need him and love him back the way he wants.  Quinn Taylor, he thought, was that man. 

Until Quinn tossed him aside like yesterday's garbage when his ex Lorcan James came strolling back into the picture.  Then, Ty's anger has him at his breaking point.  In his mind, Lorcan was to blame.  If he were not in the picture, Quinn would be free to be Ty's again.  And his anger at Quinn and Lorcan builds. 

"You think you're the first person to walk away from me?"

Because how could that girly looking boy ever give Quinn what Ty knows he craves.  Lorcan can't give Quinn the pure gift of his pain and submission - he would break under the weight of Quinn's needs.  Not like Ty.  His mind made up, Ty begins a campaign against Lorcan to win Quinn back.  And it seems to be working, at least initially.  He can see the doubt in Lorcan, but Quinn is always there to make it better for him.  Be there for him.  Like no one has ever been there for Ty.  And his desire for revenge grows.

But when Blake Henderson catches Ty in a compromising position, his plan may be in jeopardy.  Until the man, the son of the rancher who tried to kill Quinn, begins to pursue him.  Thinks he may be able to give Ty the peace he craves.  And he makes Ty an offer. 

"One week, Ty.  Nothing heavy, and you have your safewords.  All you need to do is focus on me and my needs and be honest in  your reactions."

Because Blake is a Dom.  He can sense the struggle, the rage and jealousy that consumes and threatens Ty.  And he thinks - no, knows - he can help this bitter and broken man find a center.  Before he is lost in his fury and does something he will regret forever.

Will Ty accept Blake's offer?  Or will his demons prove too strong for them both?  And will Blake find redemption for his tragic past with Ty?

SJD Peterson has delivered a stunning character study of two men haunted by the losses in their lives who may find a chance at redemption.  This third book in the "Whispering Pines Ranch" series starts with the dull embers of Ty's hurt, and builds to the full inferno of what happens when love becomes obsession.  I was awed by the depth of the pain, only hinted at when we met Ty In "Quinn's Need".  How the layers upon layers of hurt heaped on him left Ty on the precipice of doing something horrific.

And then we meet Blake, all solid and sure of himself.  We think.  And as he takes Ty in hand and soothes the flames of hate and hurt in him, we then get to see the broken man living behind the hero.  And lose our hearts one more time to one of Ms. Peterson's sharply drawn and lovingly crafted men.

I'm not sure there are many writers in the genre out there right now who take such time and care in building their men from the ground up.  Make them complete and fully realized, and force me react so honestly and so deeply to them.  Quinn, Lorcan, Jesse, Ty, now Blake.  I feel almost guilty feasting on the buffet of richly imagined men. 

Almost, I say.  But don't tell Ms. Peterson.  Let it be our little secret and maybe we'll get Jesse's story...


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  1. I love this series and I hope we see more of Blake and Ty - I really want more of an HEA for them rather than an HFN. Looking forward to the release of Connor's Courage in March!