Saturday, February 18, 2012

"The Decisions We Make"

Review - "The Decisions We Make" by RJ Scott

Great and wholly unexpected YA book

Very Highly Recommended

Daniel Keyes was a very young boy when he entered foster care, and was placed with the Walker family.  A quiet and sensitive young man, he likes nothing better than to play his piano and stay unnoticed.  But in this household, that's not a possibility.  And with a boy, Jamie, his own age in the house, he's dragged into all the things normal boys do.  Making trouble for their brothers.  Video games.  Mischief.

As the two grow up, Daniel takes a different road than his foster brother.  Where he's still the more sensitive of the two, Jamie is the outgoing one.  Daniel is more bookish, where Jamie is popular and an athlete.  But he has come out of his shell somewhat.  Made friends.  Adjusted. 

Realized he's gay.  And attracted to Jamie.

After one ill advised but wholly passionate kiss, Daniel is eaten by guilt.  But for Jamie, some of his feelings are clarified.  He realizes he loves his foster brother in a wholly un-brotherly fashion.

When a violent and hateful incident threatens one of the brothers, their attraction is brought out into the light.  Will the two manage to stay friends?  Family?  Lovers?

RJ Scott delivers the goods one more time in this quietly stunning beauty.  She grabbed my attention on page one and my heart on page two.  And never let either one go.

Daniel is a wonderful young man.  At first self contained edges and angst, he blossomed as a character with all the love heaped oh him.  And by the end of the story, he was a young man I wanted to wrap my arms around and hold.

But Jamie, this young lad stole my heart.  He has the purest heart and I swear, I bled for him in this story.  So innocent, so whole and young and pure.  And then so...damaged.  But still with that big wonderful heart.

I loved this story.  I know I've shared before in other posts, I worked with kids in foster care for ten years, and they hold a very special place in my heart.  Any writer that takes the time to give one a story, and a happy ending is halfway to heaven in my book anyway.

But to do it with such love, tenderness and grace, well, I'm a fan.  For life.

Bless you.



  1. Tom,
    I loved this story too. My father grew up in foster care and after staying in many different homes finally was placed with a wonderful family. He got his happy ending also.

  2. What a beautiful review... I will be spreading this around... thank you ... X