Friday, December 9, 2011

"Being Screwed"

Review - "Being Screwed" by GA Hauser

Fun addition to the Action! series


Mark Antonious Richfield is a hot model, actor, advertising executive and all around hot guy.  He is also turning...40.  And having a major freakout.  After all, Dangereux might be dropping him, he has a uberhot son in the wings, one gray hair (and you KNOW how those multiply) and a few wrinkles around those beautiful eyes.

And no amount of reassurance from Steven Jay Miller, his wonderful ex-LAPD lover, can make him feel any better about it.  Neither can his other two husbands, Mark and Adam.   Or Alexander, his son.  But maybe Mickey and Jeff (the two hot cops from "Top Men") might be able to take his mind off of things for a minute.

And being asked to make another appearance on Forever Young, the hot and steamy cable show, might pump up that confidence some.

But when Alexander is offered his own show, Getting Screwed, will that send Mark into a funk?  Will botox be the answer?  Will life as he knows it end at 40?  And will Alexander listen to his dad and those around him and plan for a long career, or will he follow his heart and come out?

And will ANY of these older guys take him up on his offer to get screwed?

GA Hauser has crafted a fun, sexy and relevant entry in the Action! series.  These are great characters she has created, and she weaves them in and out of her books, keeping things fresh and exciting while moving the guys forward.  Mark is a piece of work, in the best sense of the phrase.  He has issues that real gay men face - afraid of turning 40 and getting older, fear of losing his appeal, needing attention and love.  Looking at younger guys and seeing competition.  Although, damn, with Steven keeping him occupied, he really should loosen up!

This series is great.  I know when I pick up a book featuring these guys, I am going to get a great read with lots of hot sex, creative situations, and fun fun fun men. This one is a very satisfying meal of Mark sandwich with Steven dressing, with a side of Alexander slaw.

Buy it.  Enjoy it.  Have fun.  And laugh with Mark as he turns 40!


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