Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Visible Friend"

Review - "Visible Friend" by KZ Snow


Very Highly Recommended

"The map of his life was inscribed on his skin."

Chris is a smart, sensitive and caring young man.  He is also a heroin addict.  After making the choice to break the partnership he has with drugs, he goes into rehab and comes out seven months later clean and ready to face life again.  He ha an apartment rented, a job with a landscaping, and support groups and counseling lined up.  It has been so long since he has been with a man, but he hopes that will happen soon too.

"Everything has to begin somewhere."

Denny is Chris' friend.  Companion.  Imaginary playmate.  But he has form and substance now.  He has been silently, and sometimes not so silently, watching out for Chris since he was a little boy.  But both are grown now, and Denny is a man.  Solid.  And remarkably, Denny has grown to love Chris.

"I'll never let you fall, Chris."

When Denny makes himself known to Chris, will he be able to believe what he can touch, feel, see?  And as Denny becomes independent, will Chris want him still? 

This book is a miracle.  An answered prayer.  KZ Snow has crafted something so lovely and fragile and perfect, I really am not sure I can do it any justice.  Every word of this book, every line, every page - just sings to me.  Chris is such a damaged soul, so beaten down, both by himself and his parents.  But he has such a strength about him.  And Denny - what a remarkable character.  From a child's imaginary playmate to fully realized character with depth and emotions and love.  Ms. Snow words just sing a love song off the page straight into my heart.

And then, and then the epilogue.  And I thrown, stunned, broken apart, shattered and made whole. 

"Please, he thought, give me another chance. Please."

I really can't say why this book echoes through me so strongly.  But it does.  And when a work has that power, it should be shared.  Read and wonder - "...a hope so poignant."


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