Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas with Lisa Worrall

Review - Two Christmas Stories by Lisa Worrall

Hot and sexy Christmas Fun

Highly Recommended

"Too Much Christmas Spirit"

Adam has been away from the ranch visiting his family for his annual holiday visit to New York.  Every year, he leaves Vance, his partner and a country boy at heart, behind and they miss each other like crazy and spend the next week making it up to each other.

This year, when Adam comes home an hour early, he is treated to a Christmas surprise - Vance preparing a surprise homecoming surprise for him.  What ever will explain the mess in the kitchen?

Damn, Ms. Worrall packs a LOT of hot sexy cowboy action in a very short tale.  I got the relationship instantly, the attraction, the fun and the love the guys share.  And I will NEVER look at egg nog in quite the same way again.

Write a full length story for these two hot guys.  Maybe the story about how they met (hint hint).

"Mr. Popsalos"

Luke is young, has a promising career in advertising, a great family.  He is also a gay single dad.  And hasn't been on a date in...well, he has almost forgot how to spell the word.

Two weeks before Christmas, he meets Jamie while out for a drink with his co-workers.  Christmas is great, but also a hard time for him.  He misses his best friend, the mother of his son Reggie.  After one magical night together, he is sure Jamie will give him the same blow off every other man does when they find out he has a son.  So he  takes it upon himself not to give Jamie a chance to make an excuse.

Has he made a huge mistake?  Will he have a second chance with Jamie?  And will he ever meet the mysterious Mr. Popsalos, the new giant of a teacher's aide in Reggie's class?

What a nice, sexy and heartwarming short Christmas story this is!  Ms. Worrall has again created two very nice characters who I would like to see more of, in a full length story.  Luke is a warm, intelligent, giving man who deserves a man of his own to complete his family.  Jamie has lots of potential - a gay man who works with and likes children.  This is a great story to spend a good half hour or so with while drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate -  makes you warm and cozy in more than one way!

Great reads for your holiday season.  Get em both!


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  1. I love both of these books! One of Lisa's greatest gifts as a writer is her ability to suck the reader in quickly, pack in a huge emotional punch. Then she leaves me both satisfied and looking forward to more...

    Great reviews of terrific reads!