Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Pit Road (Running Under Caution #1)"

Review - "Pit Road (Running Under Caution #1)" by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

Unexpectedly deep and sensitive story of love and healing

Highly Recommended

Denny is a sprint car driver.  Quick to race, quick to temper.  He has risen above his trailer trash roots, and is gaining a foothold in the racing world.  He is a private man, quietly afraid to let anyone know the real him.

Sully is a great mechanic - can fix anything, make anything better.  Tall and masculine, a real man's man, he's part of Denny's pit crew.  Takes care of Denny's car, his engine.  And his heart.

When a wreck causes more damage than anyone knows, Denny is faced with a harsh new reality.  Will the damage done to Denny leave him able to race again?  Or will the damage to his relationship with Sully be damaged the worst?

This book was SUCH a great surprise.  I expected a book about two racing guys who hook up, have hot sex and move on with each other after a racing accident.  But this sensitive, insightful and very real book sat me back on my heels with its depth. 

Anah Crow and Dianne Fox have created two beautiful, flawed, simple and just...wonderful characters with Denny and Sully.  Denny is all thorns and tight sharp corners and shutters, so scared.  Scared of not being able to drive again.  Of losing his home.  Of losing Sully.

And Sully.  Such a strong and understanding man.  Sure of himself.  But at the core, so very vulnerable and loving.  The perfect partner for a man like Denny.  Someone who can take the fear and darkness and pain, respect and acknowledge it and help Denny carry the load. 

And together, they can face anything. 

"The shadow that was always over everything was old and threadbare, letting in some light."

This book is like that - a ray of sunshine, spreading light and warmth when least expected.  Ms. Crow and Ms. Fox have done good (as we Southerners say).


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