Sunday, December 4, 2011

Derek Adams

Review  - Derek Adams

Short and so sweet and hot


Let me preface this by saying, I have been getting many requests from writers to take a look at their works and offer reviews or feedback.  It's surprising, an honor, and something I take very seriously.  Some I have enjoyed tremendously, and some are not exactly up my alley.  I have committed to be honest and fair, and only post reviews that have something positive to say, be it about the book or in constructive criticism, to the reader or the author.  I hope I have lived up to that promise.  Also, I receive some of the books I have reviewed free from either the author or the publisher.  They are clear, as am I, that in receiving these copies at no charge, I am in no way promising a good review.  Just my honest opinion.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, one of the unexpected emails I received recently was from Derek Adams, asking me if I would take a look at his works.  He tends towards shorter works, which is a new thing for me to review.  I received three emails that day asking me to look at works - I was stunned, flattered, wary.  LOL  So I responded, Derek send me a few of his works to look at, and when I saw I had read one before, I was excited. 

Because this guy, he can write.  And he can can switch up styles.  He is alternately funny, touching, erotic, silly and romantic.  And I would love to see what he can do with a longer work.  I looked at several of his stories, including:

"Between Hell and El Paso"
Trinity is a young Texas guy, naive, good looking and gay.  Kicked out of his grandmother's house, nowhere to live, he hits the road, landing in Austin with no money, no job and no friends.  He quickly meets  Joey, a go-go dancer at a club, gets a job there, and settles in.  When he comes to the attention of a Senator and a rodeo star, his life starts to change.  But will he find love, or danger?

"Love of My Life"
Billy and Wade went to high school together.  Billy was poor white trash, Wade the star quarterback,
destined for big things.  They had an unlikely affair, then Wade married, and Billy went to work, waiting tables at the country club where Wade and his wife go several nights a week.  Will life give them a second chance, or is love passing them by one more time?

"Rich and Famous"
Jimmie Jack is young, dumb and hot.  And wants to be rich and famous.  When his part time booty call Sheriff kicks him out in a ditch, he meets Boyd.  With his Lycra shorts, he gets his wish - to be rich and famous.

"Second Chance"
Nick is single and nursing his heart after catching his long time lover cheating on him.  A lot.  When he stops a robbery attempt in the neighborhood, he is interviewed by Matt, a hot detective.  When he needs medical attention, Matt rushes him to the hospital.  Matt is intrigued and starts looking for reasons to see this interesting young man again.  Will he work up the nerve to ask him out?  And can Nick give love a second chance?

"The Case of the Missing Twin - Parts 1 and 2"

Miles Diamond is a private investigator.  He kind of fell into it, like he falls into a whole lot of things.  Like other guys pants.  When he is hired to find the supposedly dead Daniel Travis by his very much alive and secy twin brother, Miles begins a transcontinental romp that leads him from city to city, country to country and man to man.  Hot men, hot fun, and tongue firmly in cheek, Miles is a red hot mess of fun.

Most of these are quick reads, all are good, some fun, some serious.  Take a ride and enjoy.  This guys knows what he is doing, and you are in safe hands.


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