Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Another Dumb Jock"

Review - "Another Dumb Jock" by Jeff Erno

Fantastic sequel, better than the original

Very Highly Recommended

Almost thirty years ago now, Jeff and Brett fell in love.  Jeff was a classic nerd, picked to tutor football star Brett.  The course of their love wasn't easy, but they stuck it out and formed their own family.  Now, their have kids of their own.  Their son Adam is fifteen, and their daughter Lisa a couple of years older.  They each donated sperm and it's pretty obvious to Adam, the baseball jock, that he's Brett's biological son.

And that's part of the problem.  Adam's getting into fights at school and it revolves around his two dads.  In Adam's mind, it wouldn't be so back if his Father, Jeff, were a little more like Brett and less...emotional.  More manly.  A guy.  The other part?  Some kids assume he's a dumb gay jock like his Dad.

Now he's fighting, failing two classes.  It's not like he's a dumb kid.  He's not.  Just distracted.  And behind in math.  So when he's suspended for his latest fight, his Father arranges a math tutor for him. 

But when he finds out his tutor will be nerdy Trevor, he just can't stand it.  But it's that or not play baseball, so he takes it like the little man he is.

What he didn't expect was to like Trevor.  Maybe like him too much.  Just because the kids assume he's gay like his dad doesn't mean he is,  Or isn't.

There are lots of lessons for this young man to learn.  About life and love and family and fathers.  Because, really, he isn't just another dumb jock.

I've been a fan or Jeff Erno's books for a while now, and this may be his best work yet.  This is a heartfelt tale about what happens when the heart wants what it wants.  Mr. Erno's lessons about family and being true to oneself and integrity and honor - well, there aren't many writers around who can take these themes and construct a beautifully written story told so very well.

His prose is straightforward and as honest as the day is long, and I so appreciate how he lets us SEE.

Adam is a wonderful boy, loving and rebellious.  Headstrong much like the Father he loves so completely but feels ashamed of.  Openhearted and caring like the Dad he adores.  And the best of both.  When he learns all the facts of his parentage, it's priceless.

Trevor is a hoot.  His personality shines, and it's obvious how much this kid adores Adam.  His circumstances grabbed at my heart and I wanted to bring him home and shelter him myself.  Having worked with abused kids, the abuse and bullying this young man endured set me on fire.

Mr. Erno always manages to end on a high note, wrapping his romance up and giving us a gift from his heart, bow and all.  I love it, and can't wait to see where he takes me next.

Excellent work.


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