Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Not That Type of Guy"

Review - "Not That Type of Guy" by Sara York

Great romantic adventure

Highly Recommended

Aiden Johnson is trying really hard.  The CIA assassin walks the straight and narrow, doing his job, dating gorgeous women, being the man his dad would want him to be.  He's never really done anything about the lingering thoughts he might have about other guys.

Until a fellow agent, on a mission with him, goes down on him as part of dodging the bad guys.  That may have been taking their cover a bit far, but it did the job.  And made Aiden think those thoughts again.

When he meets Dr. Trace Williams, he's determined to stay straight, be who he knows he is.  Then Trace kisses him and throws his whole world into a tail spin.  Makes him question himself, all his decisions, who he chooses to be.  And scared him back into the arms of women. doesn't work anymore.

He can't fight his attraction anymore.  Trace hits all his hot buttons.  But he can't be gay.  Can he?

Now his life is in danger - he's the target after a blotched job.  And his fledgling relationship with Trace?  It may be over before it really starts now that Trace knows what Aiden really does.  He may have to leave the love of his life in order to keep him safe.  Is he really THAT type of guy?

Sara York has captured all the joy and stomach-wrenching fear that comes with admitting to oneself the truth that one is different.  Gay.  And she nails it.  This is a sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes heartbreaking story of one man's journey up to and through the fire.  And, it's a hell of a good action story too.

Aiden breaks my heart.  So much angst, history, uncertainty.  He has to come to terms with what he's suppressed and hidden for so long, and it almost destroys him.  He's built such a self-image of manly stud, and now he's forced to deal with the fact he's still that same guy.  Just, he likes men now.

And Trace - he's funny, self-righteous.  Sure of himself and knows what he wants.  Isn't afraid to admit he wants a relationship and wants Aiden.  Then his whole world is turned upside down and he isn't so sure he can be that man for Aiden anymore.

I liked the romance here, but I loved the front burner story of who is behind the attempts on Aiden's life too.  There's a great tie-in that brings the two men together and I. Loved.  It.

Ms. York has a great touch with her story-telling, and kept me totally involved, bouncing back and forth with the adventure and the romance. 

Great story.


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