Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Paws on Me"

Review - "Paws on Me" by Silvia Violet

Hot bear men - woof!

Highly Recommended

Seth Morrison really just wants to do his job and do it well.  A Lieutenant on the police force, he's working twenty hour days trying to stay ahead of the crimes that just never seem to stop.  he just doesn't have time to deal with the complications men bring.  Relationships.  Especially with guys who flirt and tease.

Brandon Lord owns and manages a shifter club, and has seen the Lieutenant around.  Has seen enough to be interested - VERY interested.  But Seth won't give the bear shifter the time of day.  Until, that is, a murder investigation bring the man to Brandon's club.  Then he has to deal with the man.  Attraction flares, but Brandon doesn't mix business with pleasure.

But when the investigation points to someone Brandon's helped, he has to reach out to the man for help.  Especially now that he and his young charge are targeted.  When he's attacked and injured he reaches out to Seth for help, and their attraction takes over. 

Will their unexpected coupling last?  Will they stay safe long enough to protect a young man who needs their help? Or will the bad guys win?

Silvia Violet has done herself proud with this hot, fun and exciting tale of bears, sexy men and murder.  This story rocks along with good, snappy dialogue, a coherent plot and great characters that grab the reader's attention and holds it.

Seth is a hot bear of a man - focused, committed but really in need of a partner.  He's a good guy at heart, wants to be loved, and is seriously in need of some balance in his life.  He takes himself way too seriously.

And Brandon is the fun that he needs.  He brings excitement, passion and life to Seth's solidity.  His sense of fun hides an honorable and committed man.

I really enjoyed this shifter tale.  Ms. Violet made her men hot, fun and easy to relate to - something so many other writers of shifter fiction miss.  I liked these guys and would love to see more of them.

Of course, being a bear makes it even better!


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