Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Sullivan's Yard"

Review - "Sullivan's Yard" by Chris Quinton

Wonderful tale of new starts

Highly Recommended

When he comes to work at the Alhambra, one of the premier restaurants in Modesto, Cal Beaufontaine is looking for experience.  Coming from a family that owns a successful chain of Cajun restaurants, he wants to separate himself from the name and the family and stake his own claim.  This should be just the start he needs.

Only there's one complication.  Luis, the nephew of the owners, freshly in from Spain.  The one night stand expert who keeps hitting on Cal, only to be shot down time after time.  Well, that and the strange laughter and noises Cal hears in his small apartment.

He's also fascinated by the deserted peach farm that adjoins the apartment.  He can smell the peaches and is fascinated by the history of the area.  When he ventures up to the old family home on the property, Luis in tow, he falls in love with the place and can imagine it as a restaurant.

All his dreams, so very clear now.  He can see what he wants.  How will Luis figure in though?  And will he be able to make his visions a reality?

Chris Quinton has written a short, exquisitely sweet story of love, history repeating itself and fresh starts.  Cal is a wonderful character - driven to be successful, willing to put his love life on the back burner and wait.  So very focused.

And Luis, so spontaneous and fun and the perfect counter to Cal's seriousness.  He brings a lightness to Cal that is so nice, so needed.  And when the two spar and have fun, he chips away at Cal's resolve.  But his changes are lovely to watch too- the two are extremes that slowly crawl towards each other and meet in the middle.

I loved this story, and the only flaw?  It wasn't long enough! 

Give me more of these two lovely and fun men, Ms. Quinton!

So very good.


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  1. Thank you for a great review, Tom! I'm dead chuffed you enjoyed Sullivan's Yard, and there will be another story for Cal and Luis - but not until next year!