Friday, April 20, 2012

"A Bar Tender Tale"

Review - "A Bar Tender Tale" by Melanie Tushmore

Fantastic, unusual love story

Very Highly Recommended

Nathan is not your average young man.  He's twenty-two, loves tattoos, loud music and...zombies?  Old horror movies.  Not exactly your mainstream guy.  And he's gay.  Not like there's a lot of guys who share his interests.

One day, he's doing a friend a favor by filling in for him as bartender in a pub, and in walks a good-looking guy.  Suit, tie, the whole nine yards.  And they strike up a great conversation and it turns out they have a lot in common.  Can quote silly old movie lines, and there's a spark.

Turns out his name is Auryn, and he's a friend of Nathan's buddy.  He's looking for something slow and serious.  But all Nathan's experience is quick meet-ups, relationships that flame out all too quickly, and one-offs.  It's a new experience for him to  What a concept.

Is it worth it?  Can Nathan slow down and actually wait for the man of his dreams?  And will Auryn give him the chance?

I love Melanie Tushmore's works.  She introduces us to wonderfully off-the-wall characters, makes us see them in all their beauty and weirdness, and fall in love with them.  Then she slowly seduces us into her stories with romance and care.  This book is a wonder - funny, sexy, and oh-so-sweet, despite the horror movies and zombies.

Nathan is so young and so youthfully full of himself, but also very clueless.  He's a smile-a-minute, rip-your-heart-out gem of a guy.  He wants Auryn so much he can't stand it, and has to go against all his instincts to meet the man on his terms.

And Auryn.  Just a walking heart of a guy, every gay romantic's dream.  He's exactly what Nathan needs and wants.  And it goes both ways - Nathan brings out the spontaneity and fun hiding behind the laced-up serious guy.

Great pairing.  This books is so good, I had to turn around and start back at the beginning just to try to catch another smile I might have missed.

Ms. Tushmore knows her way around a love story.  Thank God!



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  1. My father used to tell me about this Bar tender tales. And this was one of my favorite childhood stories and would love to hear it over and over again.