Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Fox Hunt"

Review - "Fox Hunt" by Chris Quinton

Hugely entertaining art mystery

Very Highly Recommended

When Robert Rees is called home to see his dad, who's taken a nasty spill and is hospitalized, the last thing he expects is to have to help around his house.  Especially when it's involving restoring some artwork the old man accepted on commission. 

Seems there are two panels that look to be pretty valuable, and perhaps of questionable provenance, and more than one person is interested in them.  After a break-in and a visit by two guys who can only be called hired muscle, Robert is a bit concerned.  Should he do the work, or hand them over?

While he's deciding, his ne'er-do-well brother decides he needs a bit of muscle of his own, and calls in a friend of his. Fox, a biker Robert's never seen before, but finds himself fascinated by.  The man, let's face it, is gorgeous.  So rather than turn him away, he accepts Fox's help.  For a day or two, he tells himself.  And the man can sleep on the couch.

But there's more to Fox than meets the eye.  And more to this whole mystery of the panels, where they came from and who wants them, too.  So Robert finds himself knee deep in art thefts, thugs, rich art patrons and danger. 

Will Fox be able to protect him?  Will the budding attraction between the two amount to anything?  Or will Robert miss out on another opportunity?

Chris Quinton outdid herself with this sexy, funny mystery involving artwork, family secrets and maybe a supernatural creature or two.  This is a nicely imagined, fantastically executed work with huge heart and soul. 

Ms. Quinton creates perhaps two of her finest characters here in Robert and Fox.  The two are so very different, but at heart not so much so at all.  Robert is headstrong, opinionated and proud.  Driven to help his family in spite of himself, he's furious at the circumstances, but takes on more and more of the work and responsibility to keep his father's name clean.

And Fox - mysterious, sexy, hardheaded himself.  His story we have to wait for, but it's well worth it.  He's less in-you-face, but every bit as family-oriented and responsible as Robert.

The two mesh together so well, and are so funnily at odds with each other throughout the book.  I loved the sparring, the slow dance of attraction, and the wonderful heat the two men have together.

This book is just ripe for a sequel.  Please?

So very much fun!



  1. Wow, Tom! What a great review! Thank you so much, I am so chuffed you enjoyed Fox Hunt!

  2. I LOVED this book... loved it... just saying... x