Sunday, January 22, 2012


Review - "Betrayed" by DC Juris

Twisted and dark tale of betrayal

Highly Recommended

Set in a world of ogres, elves, men and war, Meldrick is a captive.  Sent to war, in his arrogance and belief he can lead the kings men to easy victory, he instead is wounded and captured.  Along with a group of soldiers, he becomes the unwilling tool of the enemy, forced to brutalize his own men in order to protect them and keep them alive.

All that keeps him going is the memory of his love with Faldor, healer to the armies of the king.  That allows him to keep the secrets the ogre want.

But when his captor provides proof that his love is no more, that his Faldor is dead, he has no reason left to live.  So he betrays his king.  And is set free.

For two years, he lives in the forest, a broken shell of a man.  Until he spots Faldor.  Can it be?  Is his love alive?  When he shows up at his own door, the house and home he shares with Faldor, he learns his betrayal was based on a lie.

Will Meldrick be able to resume his life with Faldor, or has his captivity broken him for good?  Has his act of treason ruined his chance for love?  And will he manage revenge upon those who used him?

DC Juris has written an edgy and violently twisted look at the darkness that lingers in a man's heart and soul, and how love may not be enough to redeem him.  I was gripped by the levels of betrayal this man survived, and how he managed to swim among the shark infested waters of his memory, and remain a man.  This book is not for everyone, as is includes scenes of torture and rape.  But is is so very, very satisfying.

Mr. Juris has gotten under the skin of this man and shown us the anger, the fear and the strength of the man, but also the aftermath of his choices, however manipulated and sometimes ill-advised they were.

I was completely in his hands, and trusted Mr. Juris to take me there and back.

Take a chance and plumb the depths here.  It is gritty and dark, but oddly hopeful.

Highly recommended.


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