Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Blue Notes"

Review - "Blue Notes" by Shira Anthony

Like a jazzy fall night, smooth and satisfying

Highly Recommended

After walking in on his fiance and a strange man in his bed, Jason Greene needs a break.  A long break, far away from his Philadelphia home.  So he arranges a two month sabbatical from the law firm he is with, and makes plans to stay at his sister's apartment in Paris.

Yes, two months in Paris, the city of lights and love could be just what he needs.

On his first night there, he stumbles on a small jazz club, and decides to stay for the show.  The relaxation is just what he needs, and jazz soothes his damaged soul.  And there, he meets Jules, one of the jazz trio playing that night.  Their music is a revelation, as is the man.

Seeing Jules standing in the rain waiting for the next bus, Jason makes the impetuous decision to invite him home with him.  And somehow Jules ends up staying.  And the two become fast friends, exploring Paris.  As it turns out, Jason lived in Paris and knows is better, some ways, than even Jules.

As the friendship between the two deepens, so does the attraction.  Before either can think, they fall into a passionate affair.  Jason is new to loving a man, but has thought about it before.  Jules is gay, and no stranger to it. 

But both are surprised by how quickly the attraction flames into more.  Could it be love?  For Jules, for sure.  But Jason is only there for two months.

Will the two be able to make an affair into something more permanent?  Or will the past that haunts Jules, and, indeed Jason's past, come between the two?  And can a long distance relationship work with them?

Shira Anthony has composed a bluesy take on love and relationships with this relaxed, sure riff.  She has created two very likable characters in Jules and Jason.  I wanted them to come together, and I wanted them to stay together.

The chemistry is hot, and the romance and sex hotter.  For Jason, it is a revelation, as he explores what it is to reconnect with his passion.  For music, for life and for love.

And Jules.  He is a genuine man.  At once so sure of himself, then so vulnerable.  The perfect mate for Jason's strength and surety. 

This book was as sweetly satisfying as a night of wine, John Coltrane and beignets.

Give it a read.


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