Monday, January 9, 2012

"Love Means...Family"

Review- "Love Means...Family" by Andrew Grey

Comfortable and comforting

Highly Recommended

Robert Edward Hawkins, know as "Arie" to his family and friends, is at a serious crossroads.  His beloved sister has died in a terrible accident, which took his niece and brother in law's lives too.  His parents want him to marry and have another heir.  Forget the fact that he is gay.  And his music career is in limbo at the moment.

So he takes some time to get away and visit his friend Robbie and all the wonderful folks at Geoff and Eli's farm in Michigan.  Being away from the stresses at home gives him time to think and make some choices about his life.

Office Duane Keenan is just doing his job when he pulls over Arie for a moving violation.  And promptly gets nicknamed Officer Hunky for his troubles.  Of course, that just makes him chase after the hottest guy he has seen in a long while even harder.  And Officer Hunky has Mom problems of his own too.  As in her denying he is gay.

But closer the two do get, in spite of the fact that Arie is only visiting for a couple of months.  Both men are fighting hard to protect their hearts.  And failing.  And fighting.  And making up.  And then there is the little matter of the bullets that keep finding themselves WAY too near Arie for Duane's comfort.

Will Duane manage to keep Arie safe until he discovers who is behind the attempts on his life?  Can the two manage to protect their hearts?  Does their love have a future?

Andrew Grey has given us a warm, inviting, comfortable and comforting tale.  His characters always are well rounded, emotionally available both to the reader and to each other, and very genuine.  His books are sweet without being saccharine, gentle without being maudlin, and altogether comforting.

Once again, Mr. Grey delivers a home run with two men who are made for each other, who take risks and are willing to put their hearts on the line.  There is a sub plot of slight danger, and it adds the the nice romantic feel of the book. 

And best of all, we get to re-visit old friends from the "Love Means..." series.  Geoff and Eli get to welcome new addition Jakey.  And I got to spend some time with characters as comfortable as my favorite flannel shirt on a cool winter's day.

Good job.


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