Sunday, January 22, 2012


Review - "Lily" by Xavier Axelson

Dreamy and obsessive nightmare

Highly Recommended

A little over a year ago, Pryor's life changed for good.  His daughter, Lily, was dragged into the forest by a wolf, not to be found.  His life ground to a halt.

Until he  met Ned.  An artist, a silversmith.  Pryor had never really been attracted to a man before, and neither had Ned.  But they find a mutual desire and end up together,

But Pryor has been hearing Lily's voice on the wind.  A promise that she will return one day.  And once Ned sees the white wolf who may be Lily in the woods, his doubts lessen.  So the two men fashion a plan to keep Lily there for more than one day.

Will Lily return?  Will she be the same girl her father remembers?  And can they keep her with them?

This dreamy, fantastical story of grief, werewolves and a father's love for his child had me mesmerized.  I felt stuck in Pryor's grief and secret obsession, and wondered to the last is he was wishing or something magic and dark was abound.

Xavier Axelson has the gift of breathing life into dark and broken characters and healing them through love, time and belief.  His men are strong, flawed and searching.  And his stories are often tragic but never without hope and love.

Read this wonderful short work and enjoy.