Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Boys of Summer"

Review - "Boys of Summer" by Cooper Davis

Beautiful falling in love story

Very Highly Recommended

Hunter Willis has a problem.

He is in love with his best friend. 

His name is Max, and the two met through other friends while Hunter was with his then girlfriend.  The two became fast friends, and spent a lot of time together.  Everyone knows Max is gay, and that doesn't bother Hunter.  Everyone thinks he is straight, including Hunter himself.

But when they go on what amounts to a date, and share a kiss, everything changes.  Now Hunter is spending the night at Max's home.  Sleeping in his bed.  But Max is still a virgin, and isn't ready to commit himself to any man who won't be there for him all the way.

As in out.  Out of the closet and ready to love him in plain view.

Now the two men are vacationing together, on the beach thousand of miles from home.  And Hunter has a choice to make.  Can he be enough for Max?  Can he come out and tell all their friends he loves Max?

I adore this book, plain and simple.  There is something so lovely and touching about this beautiful and meaningful story of two men who find each other and slowly, shyly take that fall into love.

The story is written from Hunter's point of view, and gives us such insight into how he thinks.  All his fear, hopes, wants, needs.  And how utterly and solidly he is in love with and trembles for Max.

And Max.  Such a vulnerable yet strong man.  He knows what he wants and even though he obviously loves Hunter, he isn't willing to settle for less than he wants and deserves.

I found myself with a sense of quiet wonder reading this book.  It was like a spell was woven and I didn't want to wake up.  And it was such a sweet and loving dream too.

This one is a classic.  Great job, Cooper Davis.


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