Sunday, January 22, 2012


Review  -"Thirst" by Lisa Worrall

Vampires and revenge and love OH MY

Highly Recommended

Max Bowman made a big mistake.  A cop should know better.  But he let the pretty guy buy him one too many drinks then followed him out into the alley.  And got the crap stomped out of him, robbed and left for dead.

When he wakes up, he is in bed.  A strange man's bed.  With only fuzzy memories of what happened to him.  But the physical reminders will be with him for a while.  Bruises, ribs sore as hell, barely able to stand at first.

Then he meets Carter, his savior.  Intense.  Gorgeous.  Lethal.

When Carter tells Max he eliminated his attackers - killed them - the news staggers him.  As does the knowledge that Carter is a vampire.  A hundred year old sexy vampire who is immediately attracted to this...human. 

Carter knows it's a mistake to not drain this man and eliminate the danger to himself.  But he can't bring himself to.  There is a connection there he cannot deny.  So he send his home and trusts it is done.

But Max is not done with Carter yet.  The connection they share is strong.  A link.  And he is shocked to find he can feel Carter's presence.  This is a dangerous thing for Max, because he is investigating a string of murders where the victims are drained of blood.

Surely it can't be.  Not Carter.

Unable to fight the connection, the two meet and the passion spills over.  Neither expect it, but they cannot deny they are made for each other.  Lust for each other.  But is has no future, Carter thinks.  He has no interest in seeing Max age and die, and he cannot bear to turn him.

But with danger breathing down on him from the vampire who made him, he may not be able to protect himself, let alone Max.

Will the two find a way to be together, or will Carter's past prove lethal?  Will Max let his soul mate slip through his fingers?  And will either live to see another day?

Lisa Worrall has crafted a smart and interesting story of soul deep connection and love against a backdrop of vampires, retribution and loss.  This is a hot and sexy romance first and foremost, and we never forget it.  Max and Carter steam the ink off the pages.

Ms. Worrall's strength lies in the characters she creates.  Strong, wonderful and complete men who dare to love.  Max is all bluster and cop attitude, but underneath a man searching for someone strong enough to make him his.  And Carter, so resigned to his life and how it has to play out, but so wanting and needing of a connection.

The background characters are wonderfully written also.  Lyle and Boyd add tension and interest.  Especially Lyle.  I would like to see his story told next.

Hot.  Rich.  Sexy. 

Great job, and another great book from Ms. Worrall.


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  1. Thank you for your kind words honey - so glad you liked it :)