Sunday, January 22, 2012

"The Gallows Tree"

Review - "The Gallows Tree" by RJ Scott

Broken man, healing, ghosts, love

Highly Recommended

Cody Garrett is a man on the run.  After almost being killed by Vince, the man he thought he could trust to guide him and love him as a newly out gay man, he is again stalked and threatened by him.

After months and years of dodging, moving and running around the country only to be found time and time again, he decides to visit his family's home in England and look into remodeling the Mill cottage.  The work will allow him to fight the panic attacks that grip him, and give him space to heal his bruised soul.

What he didn't count on is meeting the Toulson-Brown brothers.  One a cleric.  One the man he chooses to remodel the cottage  And then there's Sebastian.

As he begins to feel emotions and stirrings he thought buried, he also finds himself experiencing visions.  Hearing voices.  And discovering that he may hold the key to unraveling the mystery surrounding two long dead lovers who died tragically.

Will Cody allow Seb into his life and heart?  Will he be able to lay the spirits of the lovers to rest?  And will be survive it when Vince re-enters his life?

This book is fantastic.  Flat out great.  RJ Scott has interwoven the story of an abused guy looking for peace in his soul with the mystery surrounding two young people tragically separated in the past who are looking for that same peace.  And it works so well.

Cody is wonderful - broken, scared off his ass, but so much stronger than he thinks.  And Seb - bubbly, caring, sexy and just what Cody needs.  When the two are together, there is a sweetness and a heat that is fun and exciting.

Ms. Scott was very crafty here.  She introduced the ghost story but allowed the more powerful story of Cody and his healing to guide and dominate the canvas.  We never lose sight of the really important issues at hand - love, healing, peace.

Even the background characters echo that theme.  The ghostly lovers get their resolution, as does Vince.

Just so nicely, nicely done.


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