Monday, January 9, 2012

"Blood Howl"

Review - "Blood Howl" by Alex Kidwell and Robin Saxon

Funny, touching and great!

Highly Recommended

Jed Walker is many things - gun for hire, loner, smartass, slut.  He is used to going in, getting the job done, and getting out.  No entanglements, no feelings, just work.  Same with sex.  Of course, that's the only time anyone really sees him anyway.

Redford Reed has lived alone in the house he inherited from his grandmother.  He has had no interactions with other people, other than getting food and necessities, since he was five years old.

So when a new client, Fin, hires Jed to take the most valuable thing in Redford's house, it should have been easy.  Then he figures out the kicker - Red is what the client wants.

Not gonna happen.

So he takes Red and decides to protect the man and figure out what the heck is going on.  It doesn't hurt that Red is a good looking man.  And so very...different.  And then when they are attacked, all bets are off.

And then Red drops the biggest bombshell.  He is a werewolf.  And the full moon is the next night.

No. Damn. Way.

But when Jed sees Red change with his own two eyes, everything changes.  It suddenly explains why Red is wanted by this mysterious Fin.  With the attraction between the two sparking brightly, Jed promises to do everything in his power to keep Red safe.

But when his new found feelings making Jed uncomfortable, will he be able to deliver on that promise?  Or will Fin get what he wants?

This book knocked me off my feet.  It is a funny, exciting and altogether fun lovethrillermysteryromance.  Jed is a pistol - cracking jokes, blowing up things, flirting like crazy, but at heart a vulnerable guy scared of getting close.

And Red.  What a character.  Innocence with a dry wit.  A pup who learns to bite back.  And just what Jed fears hardest and needs the most.

"There was a difference, Jed was learning, between being content and being happy."
And that's what sets this wonderful and touching book apart.  It made me happy.


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