Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"The Librarian"

Review - "The Librarian" by Lee Brazil

Fun and fabulous 

Highly Recommended

When Valentine Michaels and Adrian Gray were in college years ago, they were roommates.  Both gay, both experiencing life away from home.  Adrian's family was supportive,  Val's ignored him.  Adrian was rather straight laced and conservative, Val has blue hair.

They became good friends, and Adrian listened and supported Val through boyfriend problems.  For one brief week, they became more than friends.  Then Val moved on to his next boyfriend, breaking Adrian's heart.  But he decided to remain a good friend.

So for the next ten years, Adrian did just that.  Listened to stories and griping about Val's many, many boyfriends, all muscular jocks, just like the guy he dumped Adrian for.  When Val becomes a cosmetologist and works at a salon, then buys it, Adrian faithfully gets his hair cut there every Friday.

So when Val breaks up with his latest boy toy and swears off men, vowing to remain celibate, Adrian sees his opening.  He has been observing Val for all these many years and knows what he did wrong.  So he plans, plots and makes his move.  He will make Val his.

Will his plan work?  Or will Val shoot him down one more time?

This is a great and gratifying, fun and fabulous story about knowing what you want and going for it.  Adrian is cat - laying back and waiting for his chance then swooping in and getting his prize.  And Val, such a clueless guy who thinks he has all the answers.  So sweet and stuck.

This is a short work, but Lee Brazil packs a novel's worth of feeling, joy and heart into it.  He always manages to create memorable characters in...unusual...situations, and I always have a smile in my face and warm feeling in my heart when I finish one of his works.

Very very good.



  1. Thank you, Tom! SO glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Awesome review and terrific book! I concur Tom! :D

  3. Awesome story.....wonderful review. :)

  4. Great review for our friend, Lee. I know Lee appreciates you, Tom.