Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Little Boy Lost: Escaped (Book 5 of Little Boy Lost)"

Review - "Little Boy Lost: Escaped" by JP Barbaby

Fantastic addition to the series

Very Highly Recommended

***This is the fifth in the six book series detailing the story of Brian and Jamie.  While it is not necessary to have read the preceding books, it is HIGHLY recommended.  There may be spoilers involved otherwise.***

Brian McAllister has finally gotten the love of his life, Jamie Mayfield, back with him.  Out of the clutches of Steven, the man who rescued him off the streets, but who hooked him on drugs and forced him into a life of porn and abuse.

But Jamie is a wreck.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  The last bout of drugs and assault have left him addicted and in pain.  Weak.  So it is up to Brian to keep him safe.  Well, Brian and all the boys at the boarding house.  And Leo.  These guys watch out for trouble and keep them safe until Jamie is well enough to move.

Because Brian has rented them an apartment together so they can begin their lives.  He will work in porn a little longer to allow Jamie to heal and kick his habit.  Then they can figure out what to do with the rest of their loves.  Lives they can plan together.

Only Jamie is afraid.  Afraid Steven will find them and kill Brian.  Afraid he can't kick the drugs.  That he is too broken for Brian.

Things so smoothly for a while for the two.  Until the oxy Jamie is taking for his pain begins to run out, and he makes a horrible choice.  One that could leave the two dead.

JP Barnaby has added the best book of the series so far to her resume.  This book hits every topic out of the ball park.  Jamie's self worth issues.  Brian's dogged devotion to Jamie.  How toxic the love between the two boys has become.  How love might not be enough.

These characters are so strong - the whole crew of boys, now men.  And the family that Brian has managed to create around himself.  So very touching and realistic for a kid who is so young and vulnerable.  Contrasted with the hell that Jamie's life became, he of the traditional nuclear family.

I was heartbroken by some of the developments, yet encouraged by others.  I want so much for these boys to be together, whole and happy.  I am invested in their happiness.

And THAT Is the sign of a fantastic author.  One who can pull me in and make me care and react and want for the characters.

So good, so wonderful and so frustrating that I have to wait for the final book in this groundbreaking, heartbreaking and humbling series.

Read them all.

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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing review. I am so glad that you love the series. I do too - these boys are a part of me, like many of the guys I've met along the journey. My greatest hope is that our genre will open people's eyes to what we already know - love knows no gender.