Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Delsyn's Blues"

Review - "Delsyn's Blues" by Lou Sylvre

Fantastic sequel, might be better than the first

Very Highly Recommended

Luki Mililani Vasquez loves Sonny Bly James. 

After the events of the previous summer, where former ATF agent and now private security consultant Luki and weaver and artist Sonny faced certain death, the two have moved forward with their relationship.  They share humor, smart ass attitudes, passion, and love for each other.  Luki has basically moved in with Sonny and Delsyn, Sonny's nephew, who managed to survive being bled nearly to death in the same events that almost killed Luki and Sonny.

But now Delsyn is dead.  Having overhead something he should never have, he was betrayed by someone...familiar.

Left behind is a shattered Sonny, an exiled Luki, and a huge mystery.  Who wanted him dead?  Why?  What purpose did it serve?

As Luki and Sonny love, fight, implode, explode and do everything couples do, they discover that, ultimately, the only ones that can count on are each other.

Lou Sylvre has done a bad, bad thing.  She has taken two characters I loved and built them up and broken them down.  She made them hurt, gave them hope and then tore out their hearts.  She made them laugh and then she made them cry.

And she showed us every beat of their wide open, shut down hearts. 

Especially Luki.  The ice cold man with the warm heart only for Sonny.  And Delsyn, of course.  But really, he only has eyes for Sonny.

"If the heart can truly cry, Luki's did.  It hurt with overwhelming and bittersweet joy."

And that's the blues.  Sorrow transformed into joy through tears and pain.  Sung from the heart, regretful, defiant, triumphant.

"'Well, it's kind of like weaving, you know?  When you make a tapestry, you've got an idea and a bunch of colors.  Sometimes you weave them together to effect another shade, sometimes you carry one behind the other.  A lot of times you just have to set them side by side and hook them up.  It isn't until you figure out how each ties in to the others that you have the whole picture.'"

We get the whole picture.  Delsyn's gift.  The blues.  His life and death brought meaning through the love of the two men who mourn his loss.

Beautiful sadness.


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