Monday, November 7, 2011

"Candy G"

Review - "Candy G" by Carol Zampa

Good romantic read - I smell sex and candy...

Very recommended

Candy G is a lawyer, well respected in the community, hot, gay and single.  He is also the former legal representative of one of the most feared crime lords of the city.  No longer able to live with defending a guilty man, Candy looks forward to a new life but also over his shoulder - one doesn't leave that kind of life without wondering is a bullet has your name on it.

Carlos works two jobs, is a budding artist, and has his eye set on Candy G.  Though there is an age difference, a life experience difference, a power difference, Carlos wants Candy for his own.

Can these two very different men come together and create something special together, or will Candy's past come between them.  Or will it be Carlos' past that tears them apart?

Carol Zampa has built two very interesting characters here.  Both have lots of secrets to hide, have a tough exterior, are die hard romantics, and ultimately want that special man to complete their lives.  Candy especially is an intriguing man - a gay Hispanic man who overcame his past in the drug infested area of town to become a successful, attractive and powerful man.  Yet his tender heart has been broken once, and he is afraid to give it again.  When he does, he reacts as most men would - he guards it fiercely and realizes he may only have one last heartbreak in him.

And Carlos - he comes on like gangbusters, but is really a vulnerable young man who is certain he has found his soul mate in spite of his secrets.  Following his ups and downs, the reader is drawn in and wonders, what makes him tick.

I really liked this book a lot.  Ms. Zampa has a great feel for what drives her men, and shows us how they interact, not just telling us.  Her tone is sweet but strong, and I look forward to her next project. 

Enthusiastically recommended.



  1. Thank you, McTom! Thank you not only for reading my book, but for 'seeing' my men as they are in my heart. That makes me so happy.

    And this is a beautifully written review.

    Hugs and love.

  2. Thank you Carol. this was an amazing book, and I really enjoyed the men you wrought. Can't wait to see what you do next!