Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Short and Sweet Tales

I am doing something a little different here.  I have picked five shorter works I have read that I really enjoyed and devoted a post to them.  If you haven't read them, give them a chance!!!

Five Short Books I Recommend

"My Lieutenant" – by Sharita Lira writing as BL Morticia

Nathan is an artist living in New York City.  His last asshole of a boyfriend couldn’t decide what to be, gay or bi.  When Nathan kicked him to the curb, he retaliates and trashed Nathan’s apartment.  Only he didn’t plan on getting caught by Bryant, Nathan’s new neighbor.  Newly divorced and out of the Navy, Bryant is immediately attracted to Nathan and pursues him as only a lieutenant in the service can.  Will Nathan give him a chance, or is Bryant too newly out of the closet for him to take a chance on?

This is a great story about a guy who has been burned one too many times by guys who won’t commit.  The ironic part comes when HE becomes the one afraid to commit when Mr. Right shows up.  There is a playfulness in this story that appeals to the romantic in me – this could have been played out into a heavy angsty piece, but Ms. Lira keeps it light and fun and short.  Nicely written and complete.

"A Lie I Can Live With" – by Eden Winters

Otis is the quintessential nerd – glasses, slightly overweight, a computer geek.  Gay, single and looking for his Mr. Right.  He doesn’t see the harm in lying a little on his profile on until he gets busted by a client who was interested in his false persona.  When he is talked into posting an honest profile complete with pictures, he is afraid he will be alone forever.  Then Garret answers his ad.  Garret, the handsome, built young banker who can have any man or woman he wants.  What could he see in Otis?

I am a huge fan of Ms. Winters, and especially appreciate the real emotions she brings to her works.  Otis could be me, and there are NOT that many writers out there who take on characters who are anything except physical perfection.  There are wonderful points made by Garret in this touching and beautiful song of love about attraction, acceptance and honesty.  I liked this work a lot, and would love to see more of these characters.  I think there is a book somewhere for Otis’ friend who makes him tell the truth and take a chance.  He deserves his HEA too.

"Forever Dusk" – by Lisa Worrall

Jonah lets his best friend Theo talk him into coming to a club catering to vampires and wannabe’s.  Getting over a break up, he thinks, why not?  When he is groped by a drunk customer, he is rescued by Sebastian, the owner of the club.  While the chemistry is immediate and intense, will they find any common ground?

This is a TERRIFIC short story, and has all the elements I look for in a well written work of any length.  Interesting characters, hot sex, chemistry, and fun and unexpected plot elements.  Ms. Worrall has a nice touch in everything she writes, and she delivers here in this surprising and effective short work for Halloween.

"A Picture Perfect Holiday" – by ZA Maxfield

Caleb in out and proud, the president of the photography club at his school and totally into the start quarterback of the football team.  The same quarterback who defended him from some bullies years before.  The straight quarterback who never speaks to him.  Christian plays football, struggles as a student, takes care of his younger twin brothers who play soccer with Caleb’s twin brothers, and works at his father’s restaurant.  When Caleb makes a CD of highlights from the brothers’ soccer games and tries to give it to Christian, will he make a bad situation worse, or open the door for a friendship between the two men?

There are very few writers who consistently deliver a satisfying, lovely and touching story with everything she touches.  This is no exception.  The characters are drawn so truly and perfectly, and we care immediately.  This being a Christmas tale, there HAS to be a HEA, and we are not disappointed.  I would love to see these two young men get a full book.  They are that interesting.  Please???

"Love Means…Healing" – by Andrew Grey

Len lost his partner of twenty years a few months ago. He works on the ranch they owned, watches out for the son of his heart and his new partner, and grieves quietly.  He loved his partner since they were in high school, and thinks that part of his life is over with.  But when he looks at Chris, something gets under his skin and bothers him.  Chris is retired from the Marine Corps after thirty years of service after a loss of his own.  He needs a quiet place to heal himself, and even though he has never worked a ranch before, something about the peace he finds at the ranch soothes his soul.

I fell in love with the characters in all of Mr. Grey’s Love is… series, and have been waiting for Len to get a story of his own for a while.  This is a sweetly sentimental tale, perfect for Thanksgiving and the holiday season.  There is healing and romance, and the maturity of the characters is respected throughout this tale.  These two men are so lovingly drawn, and the respect Mr. Grey has for them shines through.  This was a great Thanksgiving night read for me.  Thanks for giving such a sweet and honest effort.


  1. Tom

    Thank you for the wonderful review of Love Means... Healing. I'm so glad you liked it.

  2. Lovely reviews, Tom...these look as if they are all great short reads to have handy for those moments when you find that unexpected treasure...time alone.

  3. Very kind Tom, thank you so much for giving me a read! :D

  4. Loved all of your reviews. You even tempted me to try a couple of authors I haven't read yet. And, I am certainly going to get the Maxfield and Grey books. I love their work.

  5. I'm such a nut. Thanks again Tom for the great review of ML. ML2 is in process so hopefully it will be accepted and released b4 the end of the year. :D