Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Talker's Graduation"

Review - "Talker's Graduation" by Amy Lane

Touching addition to the series

Very Highly Recommended

This is the third story in the Talker saga, and each one gets better and better.

Talker is a hyper young man, physically scarred from a horrible accident when he was 5 that left him burned and disfigured, emotionally scarred from a brutal attack, but finally settled with the young man who sees past his scars to the brave man inside.

Brian is a country mouse, quiet, strong, in love with the boy he has loved since he sat beside him on the bus to their first track meet in college. Brian is also recovering from a horrible beating he took to avenge the attack on the love of his life.

Talker's Graduation is the story of how love redeems, strengthens and inspires. How Talker finally, finally knows bone deep Brian is his. How Brian finally, finally expresses that huge heart he has. And how happily ever after is not a cliche.

There were moments in this short (too short for me, but all of Amy's books are that way) coda that brought me to tears. The sculpture of Talker - read this story for that alone and you will be blessed.

I hope this is not the end for Talker and Brian - I love these characters, and would love to see them keep growing.

Thanks, Amy Lane. This one is a blessing.


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