Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Little Boy Lost: Discovered"

Review - "Little Boy Lost - Discovered" by J. P. Barnaby

Worthy addition to the series, hard to read (in a good way)

Highly Recommended

The fourth in the "Little Boy" books is one of the strongest. I have always been fascinated by the self hatred that keeps otherwise perfectly sane men and women with those who abuse them.

This is part one (I assume) of Jamie's story. Once Brian finds him at the end of Book 3, we as readers are horrified to find out he is being used by a man who obviously is horrible, and is strung out on drugs and being prostituted and forced into porn. While Brian chooses to make them himself, he at least retains the choice to leave.

Jamie and Brian come back together in this take, and once again lead us on the roller coaster ride that is their lives.

Ms. Barnaby has said that there will be six books in this series. I figured it would be so - it has the feel of an extended trilogy, where the middle two books are in the form of the perilous quest where the heroes are tested, before the conflicts are resolved in the final chapter (in this case, the last two books).

I hope so - these two boys have grown on me and I want a HEA for them after all they have suffered.

Give this a read - it is wonderful, painful, and bittersweet.


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