Monday, November 7, 2011

"Long Way Home"

Review - "Long Way Home" by Carolyn Gray

Great sequel to "A Red Tainted Silence"  

Highly Recommended

"A Red-Tainted Silence" rocked my weekend, let me be honest.  When I finished it, I was not sure how a follow up would hold up to a book I really, really loved.

I should not have worried.

Lee is the bass player for Dream, the band that Nick and Brandon form in the previous novel.  Fresh off of the adventures of that book and his break up with his girl friend, he receives two tickets to a ballet in Dallas.  Fighting down his anxiety he must decide whether to go.  Since Nick insists, he, Nick and Mutt make the trip as their latest tour ends.

Gev is a talented young dancer with the ballet company in Dallas.  And is shocked as hell when he looks up after a performance to see Lee sitting in a box, watching him.

As these two reunite, we learn Lee has a whole history none of his friends are aware of, and it may put him and Gev in danger of their own.

I was so glad to see this character fleshed out and given a worthy story of his own.  Lee is a fascinating man, and I found myself falling for him and Gev.  Both are beautiful, scarred men who deserve love and happiness in their lives.

I would love to see more stories of this group of amazing, fascinating characters.  Ms. Gray has built a world I love to visit.  I find myself caring more and more for these guys, and treasure the time I spend there.

Get this worthy book and savor it.


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  1. When I first saw "Long Way Home" listed I thought it was going to be a review for "The Long Way Home" by ZA Maxfield, which is one of my favourite books. Instead I find 2 more books I need to add to my wishlist!

    I seem to be going through a rock band phase right now ("Reverb" by Jet Mykles, "Shades of Dreams" by TA Chase and "American Love Songs" by Ashlyn Kane. Great reviews for "A Red Tainted Silence" and "Long Way Home".