Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Maybe With A Chance of Certainty"

My first highlighted book - "Maybe With a Chance of Certainty" by John Goode

Highly Recommended


"I don't remember the moment I knew I was broken...but I do recall when I started to understand it might be okay.  It was the moment I fell in love with the boy with the green eyes."


Kyle is the loner in school - intelligent, socially awkward, alcoholic abusive mother.  Gay.

Brad is the star of the baseball team, one of the gods of high school.  Popular, beautiful.  Unattainable.

When Brad asks Kyle to tutor him in history, it sparks a change in both young men that has to be read to be savored.

I LOVED this book.  And I cannot wait for the sequel.

Mr. Goode captures both boys so heartbreakingly well.  I found myself aching and crying with the care he invested in these characters.  Other writers looking to capture what it is to be a gay man, or a boy, or whatever, should read this and pay close attention to the voices, especially of Kyle.  So many don't get it right, that it is scary and unreal and that you feel broken when you realize you are different. 

I wish I had had this to read with I was a teenager.  Or even in my early 20s.  At 50, I get it now.  But the fragility of these boys' hearts and the fear and the ache and the love.  Beautiful. it.  Please.


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