Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Wild Raspberries"

Review - "Wild Raspberries" by Jane Davitt

Sweet gem of a book

Greatly Recommended

Dan is a young man on the run, scared, taken advantage of, and hungry.

Tyler is a man of mystery, a hermit in the woods, in the run himself, isolating himself.

When Dan chances on his property, in search of something to eat and a safe place to rest his weary feet, this chance meeting changes both of their lives.

I loved how Ms. Davitt built these characters. Both men are such wounded men, and don't realize they share more in common that that which differentiates them. Daniel at first seems like a twink, a throwaway. And Tyler a brutish bear of a man who deserves to be alone. As they open to each other, the care that develops is amazing. That Ms. Davitt took the time to build them as people and worthy of our attention and care is remarkable.

The backstory on Tyler is wonderful, but I would have loved this book even without the mystery being built as to his past.

This book captured me, and left me hungry for more. Read it ASAP!


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