Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Games Men Play"

Review - "Games Men Play" by G. A. Hauser

Real men, real issues and story

Hugely Recommended

Rufus (really - Rufus) is a mid-30's office worker with a dead end job, in a dead end town, just out of a dead end relationship. Nothing excites him - he is coasting along in life and work, although the office he works for is closing and moving to Atlanta (my hometown), and he chooses not to leave. Stockton (Stocky) owns a family plumbing business with his brother, is deeply in the closet, somewhat overweight, a virgin, and feels hopeless. After a chance encounter at a local restaurant/bar, the two strike up a conversation which could lead to a friendship. But will either have the courage to step outside their comfort zones and take a chance?

Both of these men are so true to life. Rufus is like so many of us, 35 and stuck. Too young to give up but too old to be a bar hound. Stockton can't see beyond the 20 or 30 pounds he needs to lose, and the closet door he is firmly behind.

This story really touched me on so many levels. These guys are so REAL, relatable, and have the same issues many of the readers see every day. The games that limits us, the lies we tell ourselves, and the fear that holds us back.

When they finally take the chance, and don't give up on each other, it is inspiring.

This, to me, sings. Ms. Hauser took a chance and stepped way outside the usual story lines to give us two average Joe's, who just need someone in their lives to be their hero. And they get it.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Amanda!


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