Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Hot Head"

Review - "Hot Head" by Damon Suede

Just TERRIFIC on all levels - Believe the hype!

One of the best books of the year

Griff is a firefighter in New York. Divorced, living in his father's basement, still suffering from memories of 9/11, Griff is a red headed Irish hulk of a man. And he is also in love with his best friend. His male best friend.

Dante is also a firefighter. Handsome, a ladies' man. Life of the party. He and Griff have been friends since they were teens. He is opposite of Griff physically - Italian, perfect. And straight.

When Dante faces the prospect of losing his house, he turns to Griff for help. And the idea he has could give Griff everything he wants, or break his heart.

This is one of those books that I will go back and pick up and re-read many times for many reasons. It's fun, hot, sexy, but most of all, it's touching and real. I have read it three times already, and am thinking about picking it up again this weekend. It is just THAT good.

The characters are so human, and fleshed out. Coming from the deep South, I thought, oh Jeez, another book about New York and firefighters. What surprised me is the feel and tone and texture of the neighborhoods and the families. It felt like home here in Atlanta.

Mr. Suede has a gift for telling a story. He populates this book with memorable characters, believable situations, and a great touch with dialogue. These are people you want to know in your real life, and you hope you get to meet on life's journey.

Believe the hype about this book - buy it and enjoy. No way will you regret it.



  1. Tom - I'm not a big comtemp. reader. Most of the time, books that are based in modern "real life" leave me yawning. But this one...oh, dear...this one tugged at all the right heartstrings and then some. I'm with you, it's a book to read and re-read and read again.

  2. Yeah - I have read this three times already. Something about it just moves me and I get more enriched every time. Glad you liked it too!