Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Game On, Game Over"

Review - "Game On, Game Over" by Chris Quinton

Fun tale - adventure, then funny.  Great!

Highly Recommended

John is a MI6 (equivalent CIA) spy on a mission in a former Soviet block country, trying to broker a deal to shore up Western support against the Taliban. In his "real" life, he is also a talent linguist, writer and archeological specialist. Closing in on 40, he has made the conscious decision to forgo love and commitment for his career.

Scott is a photographer, 25 but not new to risky situations. He is in the area of the dig John is assistant director of, working with a jerky journalist to photograph the Silk Road for a book, and maybe catch a scoop in local politics while he is there. His attraction to John is immediate, but not returned immediately. That won't stop him though - he sets his mind to it and pursues John with single minded purpose.

Scott and his boss get into a bit of trouble, necessitating a rescue, which puts not only them, but the dig, in trouble. As they are evacuated, the worst happens, and Scott and John are separated, possible for good.

The chemistry between these two men is immediate and believable. The storyline rocked along, taking us nicely into the lives of these two men, unlikely as they might initially be together. We suffer when they do, and I felt for Scott when he though he lost John.

Then the second half of the book happens, and the tone changes to a lighter, funny mood as reflected by the sleepy English countryside. Scott begins his quest to find John and let him know he wants him for more than just a night of sex.

Ms. Quinton weaves a nicely told tale here. At first a thriller, then a romantic comedy, I was captured immediately and charmed by the banter in the second half of the book. Loved the feline nemesis. And fell in love with these two guys. I would love to see them revisited.

Two HUGE thumbs up here!


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