Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Prove It"

Review - "Prove It" by Chris Owen

Very nice touch with these characters - good one by Chris Owen

Very Highly Recommended

This look has all the feel of a Chris Owen book, but a totally different storyline. Warren and Silas meet when they are five years old. and instantly bond (with a child's love/hate relationship). Warren is an intellectual introvert, and Silas is a carefree spirit, liked by everyone. The pair bond with Tal, who completes the friendship by balancing the two extremes out. As the years progress, Tal becomes obsessed with girls and their girly parts, while Silas goes the other way. Warren, well, he withholds judgement for now.

When he does figure it out, and Silas figures HIM out, the title of the becomes clear.

This is a well written, insightful, funny, charming and ultimately very realistic view of what so many of us feel, want and go through as young men.

The ending leaves room for another book (or books, I hope) to follow.

Ms. Owen always delivers a quality product, and this is no exception. I always enjoy her storytelling, as she builds believable characters is real-life situations that the reader can relate to on a personal basis. She never goes over the top. and writes some of the best sex scenes I have read.

Give this one a read. You won't regret it.


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