Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Under the Skin"

Review - "Under the Skin" by Ariel Tachna and Nicki Bennett

Hot and sexycop and mobster

Very Highly Recommended

Patrick is an undercover cop, now working a case of a mob killing. Alexei is a bodyguard for one of the Russian family leader's son.

A killing brings them together for the first time, as Patrick investigates a hit that Alexei is a witness to. The chemistry abounds, and soon, the exchange of information for...favors...starts. Can these two take the attraction and make something more out of it than just sex?

I really enjoyed how Ms. Tachna and Ms. Bennett breathe life into these two guys. They become more than just cartoons, and we see the backstory for both characters, and start to see just how Alexei came to be in this place in his life.

The chemistry is hot, the sex fantastic, but the sweetness that we eventually get to experience with these men - the best pay off of all.

Two big thumbs up.


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